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&burning blue beside you.
29 October 2006 @ 05:42 pm
Yes, I was/am Pam from The Office for Halloween this year.

&burning blue beside you.
09 August 2006 @ 11:28 am
Thanks to giornalistella, I know have a VOX, so if you have it too and actually know me, add me to your friends!


Also, I have two invites, so I can give those to some nice people. :D
&burning blue beside you.
07 June 2006 @ 11:01 am
I know that there are some Friends fans out there still, and this goes out to them. Here is a video montage I made yesterday after watching the entire series of Friends again in about three weeks (yes, that includes 9 episodes before my biggest test of the quarter)! So, I hope you guys like it. I'd love some feedback if you have any.

"You're So Damn Hot" by OK Go

P.S. I am done with school! Until June 19th when we start taking French!
&burning blue beside you.
15 April 2006 @ 05:00 pm
Finally! The Easter holiday is nearly upon us! Yes, it's the time of year where kids are preparing for their biggest sugar highs since Halloween, and their parents are scrubbing egg dye from the kitchen table. What fun! And Easter brunch? There's nothing that compares to eating dozens of hard-boiled eggs, bacon and waffles. In preparing for this great holiday, I decided to do a little research. I asked around, gathered some data... And you know what? The results were staggering!

Hardly any kids leave carrots out on Easter EveCollapse )
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&burning blue beside you.
12 February 2006 @ 06:07 pm
The weekend by activity (in total):

30 minutes spent preparing food
1 hour spent eating at Wendy's. ("Hook, hook, where's the hook?")
1.75 hours spent watching Junebug
2.5 hour spent recording "Fruity Pebbles" (a working title)
2.5 hours spent watching the Olympics
3 hours spent at The Daily
3 hours spent watching reruns of The Office
4 hours spent watching Weeds
5 hours spent doing absolutely anything but homework
18 hours spent sleeping

In other news, I finished watching all of my 24 DVDs on Friday and am ready to start on season 5.
Why does that show have to be so good that I plowed through it?

Also, I got my way cool bag (here: small; green) today.
I can finally ditch my 11th grade backpack when taking my Powerbook to school.

To do this week:
Go swimming with Stephanie
Take pictures for Art class
Talk to Kyle about our Accounting paper
Get tickets for concerts (Brandi Carlile, Matt Pond PA, Jenny Lewis)
Find a new show to watch...
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&burning blue beside you.
12 January 2006 @ 08:42 pm
Days of rain in a row: 25

This is getting a little old. Thank you, Seattle.

(But at least the rain has given me a new addiction. Flickr!)
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&burning blue beside you.
26 December 2005 @ 02:15 pm
Merry day-after-Christmas!

The last two days have been pretty nice. On Saturday we went to my grandparents' house and hung out with all of the cousins and assorted relatives. Of course everyone has "so much to do" on Christmas Eve, so no one except my family stayed for more than three hours. They ate, partook in the cousin picture, opened presents, and hit the road. Not very nice, I'd say, and they missed out on all the fun! Nobody ate pie except myself (first piece!), Mom, and Grandpa. After dessert, Grandma modeled her new scarf and danced around a bit. Then Grandpa broke out their new blood pressure gauge and tested all of us. Stephanie had to have it done twice with shocking results. When we went home, Stephanie and I opened our Christmas Eve presents (always pajamas), and Dad got one from me (also pajamas) as well. We got out of reading The Night Before Christmas like we always used to and watched Christmas Vacation instead.

Christmas morning I got up bright and early like a little kid. When Stephanie eventually got up, we did stockings, then presents under the tree, and had breakfast. Then we just waited around for Dad's family to come by for dinner. I was a bit anti-social, but it's not like much has happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I pretty much just played Sudoku puzzles the whole time... That evening everyone else left except my grandma, who decided to spend the night. And so, after watching It's a Wonderful Life, I had to sleep on the floor of my dad's den. Fun!

Now I am watching General Hospital for the first time in a long time while an enormous bald eagle flies around outside, incredibly close to our house (I thought it was going to land on our deck). And tomorrow I am getting my passport at the post office! I will get to Europe someday, somehow...

That's what I want for ChristmasCollapse )
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&burning blue beside you.
05 November 2005 @ 11:10 pm
There's nothing like constant Seattle rain to really liven up a day, especially when it occurs before, during, and after an outdoor football game. Despite our best efforts to weather-proof ourselves, the rain soaked through the layers (of which there were many), rendering them obsolete. And, to make matters worse, spending four hours in a constant state of cold was not worth it in the end because the mighty Huskies fell to the...Beavers. If I catch pneumonia or some life-threatening illness, it is all Lindsay's fault for making us stay until the bitter end. Literally. Though we got some good pictures (finally), I still haven't quite thawed out—though that could be because our house is 63 degrees...

It's a good thing we don't live anywhere that is actually coldCollapse )
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&burning blue beside you.
01 November 2005 @ 05:55 pm
Autumn. It's that time of year again. In fact, it's passing by rather quickly, I'd say. The oak leaves on the ground, that at one time were dry and playfully kick-able, are now soggy and stuck to all campus pathways. Rain, which held itself off for longer than expected, has come pounding into Seattle, rattling the windows of our already creaky, scary house. And pumpkins, which weeks ago were whole and thriving, are now broken apart along Greek Row, the result of an attempted prank or an across-the-street rivalry. The weather has developed quite a chill and my new eskimo coat is the only thing preventing my cold from turning to pneumonia. (In fact, I just might take to wearing it indoors as the temperature in here isn't much different.) Midterms are passing and approaching with impressive speed, and the 4.0's we all hoped we'd earn this time around are slowly but surely fading away with each chapter we forget to read.

And yet, even though everything in the streets, and even in the air, is tinted with the warm hues of orange, yellow, and brown, I can't seem to stay in the moment. Instead, I look forward to the red, green, and brilliant gold colors of the Season. The day I see the city's trees along sidewalks decorated by classically white lights will be the day I forget about this dismal autumn and begin hoping for a magical Christmas Eve.

"But for now, let me say—Without hope or agenda—Just because it's Christmas—And at Christmas you tell the truth—To me, you are perfect—And my wasted heart will love you—Until you look like this [picture of a mummy]. Merry Christmas."
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&burning blue beside you.
25 June 2005 @ 07:48 pm
This is what boredom looks like. Will someone go to Kidd Valley with me?Collapse )
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